08/30 - release theme 45
08/23 - release theme 44
08/12 - links/tags tutorial
08/03 - new blog layout
08/03 - release theme 43
07/12 - new blog layout
07/11 - release theme 42
07/07 - release theme 41
07/06 - updates tab 02
06/25 - release theme 40
06/13 - release theme 39
05/17 - release theme 38
05/10 - theme pack 3.0
05/03 - release theme 36
04/26 - release theme 35
04/11 - release theme 34
04/04 - update tab 01
03/31 - release theme 33
03/23 - release theme 32
03/11 - release theme 31
03/01 - release theme 30
02/23 - new blog layout
02/21 - release theme 29
02/06 - release theme 28
02/05 - release redirect page 02
01/20 - release theme 27
01/08 - release theme pack 02
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newest - theme 45
i'm not sure if you've answered this but i love the theme you use on your theme-mandrakescry. can i know which one it is?

I didn’t release it yet. I will do it soon. Maybe next week.

4 hours ago  


network page; by primrosetylers
[preview] : download from [pastebin] [freetexthost]
(companion page to the theme 14 revamp)

  • Please like/reblog if using!
  • Don’t steal, remove the credit, claim as your own, or use as a base!
  • Images should be 250px wide and 150px tall.
  • There are notes in the coding (ctrl + f for “change”) that should help you with your customization.
  • It is recommended - but not mandatory - that you know some HTML/CSS to get the most out of this page. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you out.
fav page;


Theme #36 by wonderfullythemes

Static Preview | Code

So I’ve made quite a few themes, most with a certain theme to the posts and code and I realized I’ve never made one for my favourite movie in the entire universe :O

  • no stealing, redistributing, claiming as your own, copying the idea, using as a base, removing/hiding/tampering with my credit
  • like/reblog if using please
  • Main title page I guess? With a subtitle that you click to make it slide up and reveal the sidebar/posts
  • full left sidebar with a second subtitle
  • image change on sidebar hover with the description/links and updates on hover
  • click on each title to show the content (credit for that script)
  • you can change all titles/colours from the appearances tab c:
  • 4 custom links and 400px posts
  • webkit scrollbar + tooltips included

Check out the +Theme Gang, +Theme Village and +thmresources for more awesome themes!

Expect more Beauty and the Beast themes in the future, I just didn’t want to create another theme pack in such a short period of time

fav theme;
hi there! i love your theme and main blog and wondered how your updates tab 2 can be moved to bottom corner of a blog? i tried to change the top:#px; to bottom:#px; but that doesn't work. thank you in advance if you can help. (sorry if this is bother and english is also not my first language so sorry if this does not make sense)

I already answered it some time ago..

You can look the answer right here.

And if you want to change the side just look right here.

2 days ago  


Theme 40: Shake It Off by Roxie

Static preview | Pastebin | FreeTextHost


  • Header image will automatically fit your screen size
  • One main title + second title
  • Sidebar (under the header)
  • 5 customized links
  • Scroll down button (black or white)
  • Scroll to top


  • Please like or reblog if you’re using
  • Do not use as a base
  • Do not claim as your own
  • Do not remove the credit


  • I forgot where I got the scroll down Javascript. If you happen to know the source please let me know!

If you have any problem please message me

fav theme;


Bʟᴏɢʀᴏʟʟ 1. “Lovelies” ʙʏ ᴊᴇɴɴᴀᴄᴏʟᴇʀᴍᴀɴ

Code // Live Preview

i. header

ii. title

iii. 3 links

iv. scrollbar

please leave the credit where it is.

please like/reblog if using.

Questions? Suggestions? Message me.

Theme 11 by cedricdiggery - CHARISMA
Static Preview & Code


  • Contained 500px posts
  • 5 custom links on popup 
  • Description on popup
  • Webkit scrollbar
  • Tooltips included
  • Crosshair cursor
  • Pagination


  • The title might merge with the container in the preview, it should look fine once you save it.
  • Message me if you run into any problems, I’ll do my best to help.
  • Credits: Contained theme tutorial & popup links tutorial

Standard rules apply. Do not steal, claim as your own, or remove or alter the credit. Please like or reblog if using or saving. 

+ Theme Village

fav theme;


Theme 18. by armyofghosts

Static Preview | Code

  • 400px posts
  • Home, ask, and three custom links
  • Different colours for bold and italics
  • Optional background image
  • Optional captions and pop-up ask
  • Optional updates tab
  • Optional sidebar on scroll

Please like/reblog if you’re using it and feel free to message me if you have any feedback, problems, or questions :)

fav theme;


First of all, thanks Aena for the banner <3

So, I just love html so much and I decided to share a bunch of useful links with you guys, doesn’t matter if you’re still learning or you want to, you can find basically everything here.

The only thing I ask you is like/reblog if you find it useful, srsly it took me ages, and I’m doing it to help everyone so yes feedback is appreciated ( tell me if you find it useful, broken links, etc )

This masterpost includes:

  • Finding themes ( blogs that can help you finding a new theme, themes networks… )
  • Updates tab ( masterposts, links to updates tabs … )
  • Tutorials ( tutorials for everyone, for theme makers, basic tutorials … )
  • Resources ( backgrounds, cursors, everything you need to use on your theme )
  • Fonts/Typography( typography tips, fonts packs )
  • Sidebars ( customize a sidebar, transparent sidebars… )
  • Pages ( how to install a page, pages recs, how to make your own page … )
  • Photoshop ( masteposts, useful links … )

Under Read More bc it’s SO big

Read More


Theme 31 by Sofi (Inspired by the official Capitol website)

preview - code

- 4 custom links

- 400px posts

- 40x40 sidebar picture

A lot of custom options

If you need help or the theme has a glitch, message me here.

Please, like/reblog if you are going to use it :)

fav theme;