I’ve received a lot of messages asking how I made the SlideUp menu from my current theme, so I decide to make this tutorial. This effect involves html, css and JavaScript. I suggest you have at least a basic html/css knowledge.

Difficulty: CSS (easy) | HTML (easy) | JS (easy)


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Theme 16 - Sinister

live preview / code

  • 500px posts
  • 4 links + title home
  • updates tab included!
  • all colors customizable
  • please don’t remove credit

please like/reblog if using! 

all my themes are located on my theme blog!

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Icon fonts masterpost!

Since I love icons in web design, and it seems to be pretty popular to use them in tumblr themes aswell, I thought it would be convenient to gather a lot of icon font resources. This post contains icon font generators/libraries, icon fonts and some useful tutorials + articles, enjoy!

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Theme #22 Haedus by Riverbell themes

With inspiration from clean, modern web sites, I present Haedus. With tons of different options and features, this theme can become really personal and suits any blog.

ver 1.0.0
» preview + code


  • 500/400/250px in one column
  • In total six layout selections; centered/left aligned/right aligned + sidebar on left/right side
  • Drop down ask (see notes)
  • Infinite scrolling/jump pagination
  • 10 custom links + page links
  • Custom reblog and like buttons
  • Optional greyscale posts
  • Optional white tumblr controls
  • Custom Google fonts (see notes)
  • 11 optional social icons (see notes)
  • Disqus support (see notes)


Do not steal, redistribute, remove credit or claim as your own. Alterations for personal use are ok! 


Instructions for the ask box, Google fonts, social icons and Disqus feature are all available in the live preview. Be sure to read these before asking questions!

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ENCHANTED [theme 03]; by azurethemes/salazhar
↳ preview - code

This theme features:

  • 400px posts
  • 3 custom links + home & ask
  • Navigation bar when you click on the navigation icon
  • Tooltips
  • Webkit scrollbar
  • Optional lazy load
  • Optional space text bg (because it looks cool, okay?)
  • Optional Updates bar on the nav bar 
  • Post info & border on hover
  • Jump Pagination
  • Most (actually, i think all) colors are customizable

In the navigation bar, there is a title, links, and optional updates section. Everything can be edited through the meta tags. The updates bar comes with 6 sections (each section has the header and content). In the title, your name, age, and maybe your personality type looks best there – unless you want something else, that is totally fine.

Do not claim as yours, do not remove the credit, do not use as a base.

Please like/reblog if using/saving! Since customizing this theme can be a little tricky, I’ll welcome all questions. Please direct them to my theme blog.

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Theme 09: Revamp

Static Preview | Code

  • 400px posts
  • Home link on sidebar image
  • 120px sidebar picture
  • Up to three custom links
  • Optional updates tab
  • Optional description

Also, check out the TARDIS network and Theme Village!

Please like/reblog if you’re using it and feel free to message me if you have any suggestions, feedback, problems, or questions :)

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theme six | summertime sadness | by demeiter [prev. noahczherny, claruoswald, expellarmius]

for theme village’s summer’s end theme fest

static preview | code


  • 400px posts
  • tooltips included
  • webkit scrollbar
  • crosshair cursor
  • question cursor on links
  • optional background image
  • fixed header
  • gradient background for header
  • popup ask
  • slide down faq with ask
  • slide down description/updates/navigation
  • 10 customizable links
  • notes/reblog/via/source/tags on permalink page
  • jump pagination
  • so.. many.. customization.. options…


  • url is automatically put into ask box
  • faq + updates can be entered through customization menu, however to add links to your updates tab you must go into the html or message me @ sympatheticthemes for help
  • FLASH GIF WARNING ON THE PREVIEW! also please tag this post with a warning if you reblog!


  • do not steal, claim as your own, or touch the credit
  • please like or reblog if using!

+my theme blog // my pastebin // the theme village

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theme 06: efflorescence; by kateargernt

[static preview] + [pastebin] [freetexthost]

this theme features:

  • 400px/500px posts (choose only one)
  • 500px by 200px OR 400px by 200px header image, choose accordingly to post size
  • home, ask, + up to 3 custom links
  • sidebar appears on scroll
  • 100px by 100px sidebar image
  • optional grid background
  • optional lazy load
  • optional hover tags
  • most colors customizable

don’t steal, redistribute, claim as your own, use as base, or remove/move the credit. please like or reblog if using or saving!

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New theme and pages guys!

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All in one page #1 by Phoenix Themes (ROBBARYA)

Detailed instructions in code, please read them all before asking


  • About - Ask - Faq - Tags - Blogroll
  • 6 content sliders
  • 4 customizable links
  • 150 x auto sidebar image
  • Infinite space to write. Scrollbar appears when is too long.


  • Don’t claim as your own
  • Don’t remove or move the credit
  • Don’t redistribute
  • Don’t use as a base. You can edit it as much as you like as long as the credit remains untouched.

Preview | Code

Please reblog/like if you use ♥ Thank you

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