08/12 - links/tags tutorial
08/03 - new blog layout
08/03 - release theme 43
07/12 - new blog layout
07/11 - release theme 42
07/07 - release theme 41
07/06 - updates tab 02
06/25 - release theme 40
06/13 - release theme 39
05/17 - release theme 38
05/10 - theme pack 3.0
05/03 - release theme 36
04/26 - release theme 35
04/11 - release theme 34
04/04 - update tab 01
03/31 - release theme 33
03/23 - release theme 32
03/11 - release theme 31
03/01 - release theme 30
02/23 - new blog layout
02/21 - release theme 29
02/06 - release theme 28
02/05 - release redirect page 02
01/20 - release theme 27
01/08 - release theme pack 02
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new - theme 43


theme 04 by herhmione :

shake it off

4 customizable links

a sticky topbar

a sticky bottom bar

500 px posts


to change the color of the:

- title

- links on topbar/bottom bar

- topbar/bottom bar

you have to go into the coding itself. feel free to message me with any questions

please like/reblog if using or saving

preview - pastebin



theme 14 : apollo

  • 4 customizable links
  • 250px / 400px / 500px posts
  • high resolution  sidebar (Pretty much wallpaper size)
  • if you have a smaller screen size use code 2 (13” and smaller)
  • Please don’t remove the credit
  • Don’t repost and claim as your own
  • Feel free to edit and customize as much as you want!
  • ♥ or reblog if you’re using

preview || code || code 2

fav theme;

Whirlwind - Theme #1 by teddyluqin


  • 500px posts
  • 4 custom links
  • header with hidden links

Preview / Code

Please like/reblog if using or if you just like it!

fav theme;


Theme Pack by aeternothemes/gryffindour

Theme #10: Darkness ( preview white - preview black - code )

  • I made this theme thinking of a black background but you can customize as you like it
  • 400px or 500px posts
  • Optional pop up ask and menu ( 2nd and 4th link )
  • Option for top or bottom ( preview ) sidebar, make sure you only select one
  • Option to show/not show captions ( only on permalink page )
  • Optional hover tags
  • Optional sidebar image
  • 4 customizable links
  • Tooltip included

Theme #11: Wonderland ( preview - code )

  • Fixed header
  • Very cool header effect, when you hover the title description and links appears
  • Square links with customizable colors
  • 400px or 500px posts
  • Optional hover tags
  • Optional pop up ask and menu, same as theme #10
  • Option to only show captions on permalink page
  • 4 links and tooptip included
  • Optional Lazy Load

+ check the html hotties/ the theme gang/ thecodersclub for more awesome themes

Please like or reblog if using it/planning to, theme releated questions can be asked here

fav theme;


theme 01: oceana; by kateargernt

[static preview] + [pastebin] [freetexthost]

this theme includes:

  • 400px/500px posts
  • 150x150 sidebar image (just pick a square image and it’ll resize)
  • home, ask, + up to 5 custom links
  • your description and custom links show on click
  • your ask box can also show up on click, but that’s optional and you can choose to have it go to your ask page instead
  • all colors customizable
  • optional crosshair cursor
  • optional small cursor
  • optional lazy load
  • optional hover tags
  • jump pagination
  • tooltips

standard rules apply; don’t steal, don’t redistribute, don’t claim as your own, don’t use as base, and don’t remove or move the credit. please like or reblog if using or saving!

this was my first gif ever so it looks kind of icky. jquery achieved through tutorial by primrosetylers + codecademy jquery course and a lot of google searching.


Theme #23 by mysansa

live preview | code 

Theme features:

  • Single column 500px posts
  • Fading images option 
  • Up to 7 links
  • Like and reblog button on post
  • Almost everything is customisable

More themes here


  • Don’t use as base code
  • Don’t remove credit
  • Don’t steal parts of my theme

Please like/reblog/tell me if using. 

Steps for how to install a custom theme here

If you need help with editing etc. ask away

fav theme;


I got an anon asking for the script of how I made my scroll effect here, so I decided to make a full, detailed tutorial on how basic scroll animations work. See here the preview of a very basic example. Note: it is highly recommended that you know HTML and CSS to do this.

Read More


theme 33: underfoot; by primrosetylers

[static preview] : download from [pastebin] [freetexthost]
scroll to see the effect


  • Please like/reblog if using!
  • Don’t steal, remove the credit, claim as your own, or use as a base


  • 5 header links that become sidebar links when you scroll 
  • The header image can be whatever size you want. (But make sure it isn’t too big because it might overlap with the posts.)
  • Keep your title one word, and your description short.
  • Options for: 250px/400px post sizes only (make sure you’ve only selected one of the options; otherwise the theme will be messed up); a tiny cursor; show captions and show tags; infinite scroll
  • Jump pagination at the bottom, tooltips, quick reblog, and custom colors


theme 11: currents by foundcas [preview & code]

  • option for 50px or 100px header image
  • title & subtitle
  • description under header (with scrollbar so it can be long)
  • four custom links
  • tags slide in from the right
  • notes, via, and source links are shown on the permalink page
  • [+ optional] updates tab with six sections
  • [+ optional] stop-bullies logo
  • hella rad base code by wonderfullythemes

like/reblog if using // msg me if any problems

fav theme;


Blogroll Page (2/?)

  • Links to other main pages of blog
  • Five blogs per row, grayscale becomes colored when hovering
  • Blog titles displayed on hover
  • Container scrolls to show all blogs

Feel free to message me if you need any help. 

|  Live Preview  |  Code  |

See the naviinquire, and about pages that go with this page. 

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