#42 customize tumblr
07/12 - new blog layout
07/11 - release theme 42
07/07 - release theme 41
07/06 - updates tab 02
06/25 - release theme 40
06/13 - release theme 39
05/17 - release theme 38
05/10 - theme pack 3.0
05/03 - release theme 36
04/26 - release theme 35
04/11 - release theme 34
04/04 - update tab 01
03/31 - release theme 33
03/23 - release theme 32
03/11 - release theme 31
03/01 - release theme 30
02/23 - new blog layout
02/21 - release theme 29
02/06 - release theme 28
02/05 - release redirect page 02
01/20 - release theme 27
01/08 - release theme pack 02
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FAQ Page 01 - Silk

[live preview] [code] [magnusthemes]


Optimized for Google Chrome 1280x800 resolution (but it should work on most browsers and resolutions)

2 panels - 1 for FAQ and 1 for the ask box

Mac-style buttons that serve as navigation buttons


[terms of use]


The image is 600x320 and it will resize to fit

Like or reblog if you use or plan to use this page or just if you like it! Feel free to message me if you have any questions or encounter any problems :D

Inspiration credits go to yukoki's R.P.G. theme and her suikomu multi-page! The page was made using str-wrs' sliding viewer tutorial~ It was suggested by izayaori.



Theme 15: Circus { Preview + Code }


  • 400px or 500px posts
  • Fixed topbar
  • 6 customisable links
  • hover description and tags
  • option of rendering caption only on permalink page
  • customisable pagination
  • post information and and reblog button as hover symbols


  • Keep the title short
  • don’t steal my codes or the circus will never visit you
  • like/reblog if saving/using :D
  • send me an ask if you’ve found a glitch/need help
  • TARDIS network + my other themes
hi, im using the update tab 02, how do you make that there more that one title in each box?

Copy and paste this part of the code

hello. for your updates tab 1, how do I change the color of the boxes??



Theme #11 Terror by urie/kilmorecove

Preview: black, white, permalinkCodepastebinfreetexthost

Description: This theme has 400px wide posts. The tags and caption are only visible on the permalink. You can either show/hide the sidebar by clicking the title (toggle sidebar) or you can make it always visible. The extra links (up to 5) will be displayed with a pop up window. The post info appears on post hover. This theme alsa features: a second title, optional lazyload, tooltips and webkit scrollbar. All colors are customizable.

Keep the credits intact, don’t redistribute, don’t claim as your own and don’t copy, thanks.



l i t t l e   t h i n g s by mellisasmccall
version one: preview | code
— 500px posts
— 100px sidebar image
— 8 sidebar links 
version two: preview | code
— 500px posts
— 245px sidebar image
— 5 sidebar links 
tags page: preview | code


b i t t e r s w e e t by mellisasmccall
version one: preview | code
— 500px posts
— no sidebar image
— 6 sidebar links

Theme Pack I by aena

Theme i:Darkness [static preview] [code]

  • 400px posts
  • header
  • short title

Theme ii: Extremophile [static preview] [code]

  • one long title, or two short ones
  • header
  • 500px posts

Don’t steal, remove credit, or redistribute. I worked hard on these.

Check out the html hotties for more great themes.

Hi I'm sorry for bothering you, but on your update tab #1 I was wondering if it was possible to have it on the right of the screen instead? I've tried changing the margin-left to right and it didn't seem to work. Thank you!

Change the style code (the first code) for this one

2 days ago 18:25



Light Version » Preview // Download: pastebin - freetexthost
Redux/Dark Version » Preview // Download: pastebin - freetexthost

Please leave the credit intact and do not move it to a secondary page. Do not copy, use as base, redistribute and/or claim this theme as your own.


  • All colors are customizable
  • 400/500px Posts / Show or Hide Caption
  • 100px Sidebar Image
  • Up to 6 custom links
  • Static or Hover Info and Tags
  • Grayscale (black and white posts) and Search Bar Option
  • Show Userpic (*light version only)
  • Lazy Load ? (optional)

» How to install this theme?
If you have questions about this theme ask here.

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