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07/12 - new blog layout
07/11 - release theme 42
07/07 - release theme 41
07/06 - updates tab 02
06/25 - release theme 40
06/13 - release theme 39
05/17 - release theme 38
05/10 - theme pack 3.0
05/03 - release theme 36
04/26 - release theme 35
04/11 - release theme 34
04/04 - update tab 01
03/31 - release theme 33
03/23 - release theme 32
03/11 - release theme 31
03/01 - release theme 30
02/23 - new blog layout
02/21 - release theme 29
02/06 - release theme 28
02/05 - release redirect page 02
01/20 - release theme 27
01/08 - release theme pack 02
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Hi! I'm using this (womenofwesterosnetwork(.)tumblr(.)com) theme of yours, and I was wondering if I could edit the code to make it four columns (and if so, how?).

Find this part of the code

And change the width to 620px. 

hi why dont u answer all questions :/

I answer all questions I receive here. Some of them I answer privately and others I delay to answer because I have to look into the one of my codes and it can be a little hard to me found a time for doing it.
I have some questions to answer right now, but I’m on school at this moment. So, I’ll answer them on friday or during the weekend. Sorry about that.

1 day ago 18:16
your themes are amazing like hella wow

Thank you so much!!

2 days ago 19:34


theme 28: at an angle; by primrosetylers

[static preview] [preview v2] (scroll to see the difference)
download from [pastebin] [freetexthost]


  • Please like/reblog if using!
  • Don’t steal, remove the credit, claim as your own, or use as a base.


  • Header image should be 510px wide
  • Sticky image, title, and links
  • Option for whether or not the header image sticks on top with the title and links (as seen in preview 2)
  • Optional infinite scroll
  • Optional cute cursor
  • Options for 250px, 400px, or 500px posts (make sure you choose one and one only, otherwise the theme will be messed up)
  • Up to six custom links
  • Quick reblog and tooltips
  • Jump pagination at the bottom
  • Lots and lots of color customization options
  • If there are any bugs or anything you don’t like at all, don’t hesitate to ask! Feedback is always useful.


Theme 28 by Sofi

preview - code

- Double sidebar with two titles.

- Four custom links.

- Enable/disable info and tags on hover.

- Description as long as you want.

- Custom colors on background, text, titles, links, links background, borders and scrollbar.

- 400px posts.

Please, like or reblog if yo are going to use it :)



theme 11 | the wolves

code | static preview

  • topbar
  • 500px posts
  • four custom links
  • hover permalink & tags
  • 500px posts only
  • normal cursor
  • custom scrollbar

please like or reblog if using!

view more themes at: thehtmlhotties



Theme 23 - Weltmeister

Static Previews: [A] [B] | [code] | [magnusthemes]


  • Infinite Scroll/pagination
  • Optimized for Google Chrome, 1280x800 resolution
  • 400px or 500px posts
  • Everything is customizable
  • 8 Custom Links
  • Optional billy player
  • Optional captions
  • Optional monochrome images
  • Optional fading images
  • Optional right image
  • Optional show tags


[terms of use]


  • Sidebars are 250x400 and 140x90
  • Audio player in the preview is not expected to work because tumblr controls = missing.

Like or reblog if you use or plan to use this theme or just if you like it! And if you encounter problems you can always message me <3



Theme 13 - Charming

live preview / code

  • 500px posts
  • 5 links + title as home link
  • hover over header for description
  • updates tab included
  • all colors customizable
  • please don’t remove credit

please like/reblog if using! 

all my themes are located on my theme blog!



Theme 10: Rêves by lunecerise || sxriusblack

static preview | pastebin

  • 500px posts
  • 4 links
  • Hover tags
  • Optional Navigation tab with 5 links (you can add or remove as many as you want though)
  • Tooltip
  • Keep credit intact
  • Don’t steal any code
  • Don’t use as a basecode
  • Like/Reblog if using, thinking of using, or if you just like it :3

+ more great themes by thehtmlhotties

Hi! I'm using updates tab 2 and I saw you already answered a question on how to hyperlink something in the updates tab. Unfortunately, I'm kinda useless when it comes to editing things, especially themes and I'm trying to add a link to another blog/page that's not my own in the updates tab but it keeps just putting that url behind my regular one. Does that make sense? I can't figure out how to fix it so it doesn't redirect to my own blog. Thanks! Sorry if this seems like a dumb question.

You need to put the complete link. Like: http://mandrakescry.tumblr.com/

If you put something like mandrakescry.tumblr.com, tumblr will read it as tag.